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Be Your Very Best

Bisect your stress & double your job satisfaction in 6 weeks!

About Josefien

Josefien has more than 20 years practical experienced as (Senior) Consultant and (Managing) Partner in the international professional services industry being involved in many challanging projects for several large multinational and professional clients.
Since 2018 Josefien is using her broad experiences in order to increase the Corporate WellBeing within different companies in the professional services industry based on the unique ‘Be your very Best’ methode she personally developed.

Powerful Stress Prevention & Reduction

for Professionals in Professional Services 

A Corporate Wellbeing program is an unique opportunity for companies to increase the competitive position on the (labour) market.

Corporate Wellbeing programs show significant improvements with amongst other employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation, is lowering the cost of sick leaves and is showing a major improvement of productivity and creativity .

More and more companies take their corporate responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees to allow them to deal with stress better.

The proven results for participants are amongst others more mental focus and clarity, resilience, better sleeping patterns, more balance and calm and a greater sense of wellbeing.

The method is very effective in the prevention of several stress related health issues including several inflammations, allergies, sensitivities but also Diabetes type II.

Also practical tips and tricks are provided to deal with unhealthy habits and addictions, the release of depression and anxiety and the dealing with traumas.

Who went first?

Experiences with the ‘Be your very Best’ methode

“I have suffered from insomnia for a longer period as I struggle with my thoughts the moment they are activated in the middle of the night. The ‘Be your very Best’ method showed me how to take a bit more distance from my thoughts and to let them come and go… This allows me to make better nights, and as a result also better days…”

Ferdinand, Radboud University Nijmegen

Some figures

Corporate Wellbeing in the US is an industry of 8 billion USD and growing about 8% per year untill 2021.
Globally the Corporate WellBeing industry is more than 40 billion USD in size.

total workstress related sick leave cost in the Netherlands alone in euro


of all medical costs are stress related


of all visits to general practitioners are stress related

of lost working days per year due to work related stress in the Netherlands alone

  • More than 40% of all people suffering from insomnia claims that their lack of sleep is negatively hindering in their daily life. In the Netherlands sleep deprivation is costing about 2,5 to 3% of our GDP.
  • Psychological complaints such as burn-out are costing the Dutch employer about 2,4 billion euro per year and are mainly caused by chronic stress! 
  • The average number of sick leave days due to work stress is 30 days per employee that became sick from stress.
  • The cost per person are expected to range between Euro 10.000 and 20.000 depending on the industry.


Key to Succes

Every dollar invested in a wellbeing program is generating 7x this amount in cost saving! 

Sources: Huffington Post, American Center for Disease Control, CBS, TNO, RAND, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018

The unique ‘Be your very Best’ method

Is built on a modular and structured method based on amongst others:

  • Relaxation techniques: to cool down your entire system

  • Awareness exercises: to keep you in control on your internal thought processes

  • Breathing techniques: provide a better control on your internal processes and vitality

  • Vision, intention and affirmations: for the (strategic) direction in your daily life and to change unproductive patterns in life

All our workshops & training is offered tailor made and in-company. An introduction workshop could be a wonderful part of your strategy day, or event. The tailor made training sessions are build around specific theme’s and generally include 6 sessions spread over 6 weeks with some ‘homework’. More information on these trainings is available on this website in Dutch only. However, the trainings can all be delivered in English, as Josefien is a fluent English speaker and was also trained for this in the USA!

So if you contact me below, I would be pleased to discuss things further with you in English…


In case you would like to have more information on the ‘Be your very Best’ workshop or training of Corporate WellBeing, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!

I would be very pleased to discuss your situation and our offering in more detail with you!